Penis Enlargement

By | January 22, 2020

Does Penis Enlargement Work

I discuss all the main stream methods to penis enlargement below.

Penis enlargement has been on the mind of men throughout the ages.  Most men would like to have a larger penis to some degree at some point in their life.  Only a hand full of men will act on it.

Penis enlargement seems to be more of a “psychological” factor than a “physiological” one with most men being the average size and longer.  There is no definitive study that proves that women prefer a longer penis that would suggest that most men would have to consider penis enlargement.

The truth is, that penis size DOES matter.  It matter’s to the person who feels that he has a small penis! Whether that feeling is based on fact or not doesn’t matter.  Just like someone who feels that he is “fat” or “short” or “ugly”,feeling that you have a short penis matter’s VERY much to the person in question.

Most men considering penis enlargement are single young men between the ages of 20 – 35 which would suggest that penis size has more to do with self confidence issues rather than actual penis size.

There are several ways to increase your penis size.  I know most doctors argue against it saying “penis enlargement is not possible” but I have had too many patients who had done so successfully and have read many anecdotal accounts of men who have been able to obtain a larger penis through some of the methods discussed below.

These methods of penis enlargement should be only undertaken after careful consideration and with proper guidance and support as I have spent a couple of nights in the emergency room with failed attempts at penis enlargement with a resulting embarrassment and painful discomfort for the patient after self imposed penis enlargement treatments.