Are Male Enhancement Pills the Answer

By | January 22, 2020

Male enhancement is a very serious subject, for many men it is a frustrating one too. They know there is a problem, and they hear promises of enhancement and enlargement that give them hope.

With so many fantastic claims though, it is hard to know what to believe. If TV advertisements and scores of internet sites are to believed, your answers are only a pill away. Simply pop a couple of their specially blended pills and you will be good to go.

The fact is pills are not the answer.

The side effects and cons of taking pills would take up an entire article by itself. Just understand male enhancement pills are far from a proven method. The ingredients in these pills place them everywhere on the spectrum from completely ineffective to dangerous.

Not to mention, a pill will not give you long term results. Anything you experience will only be temporary, and then you will be chasing the effects taking pills until you are only able to get an erection and get proper blood flow. Nobody wants to be a slave to pills.

So what do you choose?

There is one method that has been studied and proven to work in clinical trials. No magic, no wishing- just results. But, before we get to that; it is important to take stock of the reasons why you might be having problems achieving and maintaining a strong erection.

  • Stress

Stress is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to problems with erections. Think of your penis as one of your barometers of health; when you are doing well, it’s doing well. If you are stressed out, then your penis isn’t going to be performing properly. When you are able to control your stress levels, you will see better performance.

  • Bloodflow

This is really a no-brainer. Your penis relies on blood flowing into some tissue called the Corpora Cavernosa to become erect. This is what makes your penis stiff, so if you aren’t getting proper blood flow- you aren’t going to get proper erections. Improving blood flow will allow for much stronger erections because you are more fully filling the Corpora Cavernosa.

  • Curves

Having a curved penis can be embarrassing; but it can be much more than embarrassing for some men. If you have a curved penis, either a natural curve or caused by Peyronies disease; you will not get a full and direct blood flow to your Corpora Cavernosa. Think of it like a garden hose, if it’s got a kink- it won’t flow fully.

In a nutshell, these are the biggest problems when it comes to erections.

So, what is the answer?

Penis stretching.

It is a very old technique that has roots that go back centuries. Thankfully though, science has brought us to a point where we can achieve those results with a safe and proven device.

Worn as a traction device, constant light tension is put on the penis. This causes micro-tears that the body will respond to by growing new cells. It is painless and natural; it’s much like the process when you are actually going through puberty. Doing this as prescribed, and for the right length of time; you will straighten out your penis and increase the blood flow by increasing your Corpora Cavernosa.

Most importantly, you will reduce the stress that has been your biggest enemy in the fight. Using a proven method that is safe, painless and effective; you will see results to put your mind at ease.